Editing and Indexing Services

When I'm not working on my own writing, I enjoy helping people polish their prose so that it reads smoothly, lucidly, and compellinglywhether an article or book chapter headed to press, a dissertation headed to committee, or a blog post or website soon to go online. In the process, I advise on grammar, punctuation, syntax, word usage, and flow, and I can also make recommendations regarding organization and logic if desired. I take pleasure in helping non-native English speakers weed out errors and enhance the readability of their writing so that their work appears as the product of a native English speaker's pen. In addition, I compile indexes and offer assistance with bibliographies and citation styles.


All the words that I utter,
And all the words that I write,
Must spread out their wings untiring,
And never rest in their flight…

William Butler Yeats


How To Get Started

Send me a brief description of your project:

  •          What kind of document is it, and how long is it?
  •          Who is the intended audience?
  •          What is your deadline?

In your note, feel free to alert me to any goals you have for your document. For instance, you may wish to pare it down to a certain length, sharpen a particular section, or revise the voice to read more formally--or more casually, as the case may be. The more I know about your goals, the more effectively I can help you achieve them.

I edit using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. This way, you see each suggested change and have the freedom to accept or reject the change as you wish. I am organized, meticulous, and easy to get in touch with. I deliver your edited document on time and am happy to answer any follow-up questions.



I charge an hourly rate. If your project is lengthy, I am happy to edit the first several pages and send you an estimate. When the project's estimated cost is less than $400, you pay upon completion. When the estimated cost exceeds $400, I ask for up to 50% partway through and the remainder upon completion. In some instances, I am willing to charge a flat rate for a project, especially for an index.

Editing:       $25.00/hour

Indexing:    $25.00/hour or by agreement


Sample Editing Projects

"A Watershed Moment: Care for the Church and Earth's Waters," Nancy G. Wright, Doctoral Thesis, Boston University School of Theology

"Rebuking the Ethnic Frame: West Indian and African American Evangelicals and Spiritual Kinship," Todne Thomas. In New Directions in Spiritual Kinship: Sacred Ties across the Abrahamic Religions (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017), ed. Todne Thomas, Asiya Malik, Rose E. Wellman

A Thinking Person's Guide to America's National Parks (George Braziller, Inc, 2016), Robert Manning, Rolf Diamant, Nora J. Mitchell, David Harmon, editors

Digital Crayon: Essays on School Design (TruexCullins, 2016), David Epstein

“Untaming the Mild Frontier: In Search of New Midwestern Histories,” Middle West Review, Fall 2014, Doug Kiel

"Absolute Freedom and Creative Agency in Early Schelling,” Philosophisches Jahrbuch, January 2012, Laura Ostaric

“Professional Compassion Fatigue: What is the True Cost of Nurses Caring for the Dying?” International Journal of Palliative Nursing, December 2012, Christina Melvin

“Racial Redistricting for Minority Representation without Partisan Bias: A Theoretical Approach,” Economics & Politics, March 2011, Keisuke Nakao


Sample Indexing Projects

An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman: The Journal of Phebe Orvis, 18201830 (SUNY Press, 2017), Susan M. Ouellette

Aztec Goddesses and Christian Madonnas: Images of the Divine Feminine in Mexico (Ashgate, 2012), Joseph Kroger

Hollywood Romantic Comedy: Conventions, History, Controversy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), Leger Grindon

Mind and Machine: What It Means to Be Human and Why It Matters (Brazos Press, 2011), Matthew Dickerson